HokkaiDough Pan Pizza

Welcome to Schellz Pizza Co

Schellz Pizza Co was a concept idea designed during the heart of the 2020 lockdown. We strived for a unique take on the classic 'Detroit Style' pan pizza. Our dough fermentation process takes up to four days, thus producing what we like to call our, 'HokkaiDough'. Our 'HokkaiDough' is based on the delicious milk bread of Japan. Our pizzas are a labor of love, and are represented in each pizza we bake. We hope you like what we are cooking up.

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Catering & Hours

Lunch is open for catering during the week. Email pizza@schellz.com for large party and catering inqueries.

Wednesday, 3pm-8:30pm

Thursday, 3pm-8:30pm

Friday, 3pm-8:30pm

Saturday, 11:00am-8:30pm

Sunday, 11:00-7pm

Monday, Closed

Tuesday, Closed

Please park in the front parking lot or on the street. Head to the front entrance and select "Schellz Pizza Co" on the call box. Our kitchen is down the hall #7.

Due to our long fermentation and our style of dough, you will be surprised to know that Schellz Pizza is quite delicious 2-3 days after purchase.

Just reheat in the oven, wrapped in foil on a baking sheet, at 400f for 10-12 minutes. (If coming from a cold refrigerator; please add 5 mins). Ovens vary, so please check your pizza at 5 min intervals.

Yes! Email pizza@schellz.com for large party and catering inqueries.